Our Story

Philip’s extensive design and building experience places him at the pinnacle of custom residential design.  His practical background in carpentry, construction in addition to formal architectural study, has fostered a comprehensive understanding of the design, construction and finishing processes.  From paper design to finished installation, he understands the complete design and construction process required to build a beautiful home.

Philip began his career in carpentry, working with a skilled carpenter building homes.  He then became a general contractor, where he learned the multiple practical requirements of home construction.  Building on this practical experience, he followed his passion for design through formal architectural study, completing the architecture program at St. Clair College in Windsor, Ontario.

With his architectural training, Philip worked for more than a decade on design projects in Michigan.  He worked on a series of elite projects in New York, Michigan, North Carolina, the Caribbean Islands, and even international projects as far away as Syria.   This extensive experience has enabled Philip to incorporate a great variety of design details into his work, including manors as large as 36,000 square feet.  His great skill, however, is to translate your wishes into a uniquely designed custom home.

Philip Fernandes Designs was registered in 2009 and has quickly been recognized as a creator of timeless designs.  Our one-on-one approach with each client develops a greater understanding of the client’s specific needs and aspirations, resulting in a beautiful home specifically tailored to each client.  Our company’s goal is to produce quality custom home designs fully incorporating the client’s wishes.  Our philosophy is that the design process is a journey for both designer and client, from the initial consultation to the completion of a premium design that creates a bond that far outlasts the end of the project.